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Unasp-EC Mission Training


The Unasp-EC Center for World Missions’ Mission Training aims to prepare and acclimatise the missionaries who have started or are planning to initiate cross-cultural missionary life.

Course Content

The courses are divided into expository and interactive parts. Through classes with missiology experts and missionary reports that have spent weeks, months, and even years in countries with distinct realities, students are prepared for the challenge of the worldwide mission.

The content begins with an overview of the global challenge, includes biblical principles for engagement in God's mission, focuses on the relationship between the gospel and culture, introduces world religions, and teaches missionary strategies.

The course includes student interaction and hands-on exercises on intercultural mission. Students are also encouraged and immersed in the world of mission through observation and interaction.

Reading the Passport to Mission textbook is mandatory for participants. Book activities are carried out in connection with the modules.

Learning Modules

1.The Challenge of the Mission

The panorama of missionary work around the world is presented. Other realities are contrasted with our own and the missionary is introduced to a global mission setting.

2.The theology of the Mission

Biblical principles and lessons about God's mission are presented by the speakers and discussed among the missionaries.

3.The Gospel and the Culture

The principles of contextualization and intercultural communication are exposed. Unasp-EC international students from countries across continents tell their experiences and give an overview of their culture and the challenges and methods of evangelization in their society.

4.Cultural and Religious Immersion

At the end of each Mission Training, the participants are introduced to know world cultures and religions. Sometimes the groups visit temples and mosques of religions like Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and other religions not predominant in Brazil. Through this personal experience, missionaries gain greater knowledge of other realities they may encounter in the field of performance.

5.Mission Strategies

Students are challenged to think about intercultural outreach methods and strategies based on missionary experiences and through well-known tools such as the Christian Summer School for Children and its impact on future generations of the church and community as well as Health Fairs and their power to reach secularized societies concerned with health and physical and emotional well-being. Strategies are connected with Christ's method and students absorb a concrete conception of mission theory and practice.

Recent Guests

PR. MARCELO DIAS: PhD in missiology, professor of the Faculty of Theology

PR. ELBERT KUHN: Coordinator of the AVS, General Conference

PR. SILVANO BARBOSA: PhD in missiology, professor of the Faculty of Theology

PROFA. BETÂNIA LOPES: PhD in pedagogy, intercultural experience

PR. GIOVAN MONTEIRO: Long-term missionary in the Middle East

RÉGINES ARAÚJO: Dentist, long-term missionary in Africa and Europe

PR. DIOGO SANTOS: Long-term missionary in Mongolia

PR. CLÁUDIO ADÃO: President of the North-East Mission of Mozambique

DR. JOHN MATTHEWS: PhD in pedagogy, long-term missionary in Asia

DANIEL GASPAR: Coordinator of health fairs.

Completion Requirements

To conclude the Mission Training it is necessary to have presence of at least 75% of the classes taught.


Extension course certified by the Department of University Extension by Unasp-EC

Coordination Team

Unasp-EC Center for World Missions Team