Núcleo de Missão - Center for World Missions

Galeria Unasp

Estrada Municipal Pr. Walter Boger, S/N

Lagoa Bonita - Engenheiro Coelho, SP - Brazil

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Through volunteer intercultural missionary projects, to offer the opportunity, especially to the students of the Unasp-EC, to experience the essence of the Christian being practicing the love of God and neighbor; at the same time, contribute, through long-term commitment, to the communities that are enlivened through health, education and evangelism initiatives.


To be a reference in the conduction of missionary projects that follow the seven quality standards of Short-Term Mission, in the integration of Research, Production, Preparation and projects and in the transformation of communities around the world.


  • Simplicity

  • Sacrifice

  • Community

  • Spirituality

  • Commitment



The Center for Missions is an organ of the Brazil Adventist University - Engenheiro Coelho (Unasp-EC) in operation since 2007. Its objective is to develop understanding and promote the participation of students and interested in the mission of God.

The activities of the Center for Missions are organized in:

• Research: Promote missiological studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, especially in connection with missionary projects.

• Production: Produce and publish resources for the understanding and practice of the Adventist mission both locally and globally.

• Preparation: Conduct short, medium and long-term missiology training programs for students, pastors, and church leaders to enable them to become involved in the Adventist mission.

• Projects: Send individual or group missionaries for short- or long-term projects, local or intercultural.

Unasp-EC Mission Training

The Unasp-EC Center for World Missions’ Mission Training aims to prepare and acclimatise the missionaries who have started or are planning to initiate cross-cultural missionary life.


Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice, before everyone has heard it once?

Oswald Smith

Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.

Charles Spurgeon

God had an only Son and He made Him a missionary.

David Livingstone

I look upon all the world as my parish

John Wesley

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Portfolio of volunteer projects

The Center for Missions develops projects of varying levels of complexities, scattered in different contexts around the world